Brother Crowe is one band definitely not to be overlooked especially if you have the opportunity to be a part of their audience!”


Short Bio

Throughout the course of their musical union, the members of Brother Crowe have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues and making countless public appearances , this talented Celtic Roots Rock Band has earned the admiration and affection of critics and fans alike. 

Long Bio

We're Brother Crowe; a 5-piece Celtic Roots Rock powerhouse ready to tear up the stage!


Derek Wikarski – Lead vocals, harmonica, bodhran, mandolin

Paul Wikarski – Guitar, banjo, fiddle, bodhran, vocals

Stephen Vilnius – Bass guitar, backing vocals

Bob Gilbert – Drums, backing vocal

Steve Lesko - Fiddle


“We’ve toured all summer long as the new 5-piece rocker Brother Crowe and the response so far has been fantastic.” ~ Paul Wikarski


Brother Crowe's Music

A gritty, Bluegrass-leaning Celtic Roots Rock Band out of Detroit, Brother Crowe focuses on original music while staying true to their Celtic Roots.  Our music (by Brother Crowe and The Kreellers) is available on Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and more.


Derek will fine-tune some of the melodies and the lyrics a little bit—he’s the one singing them. There are a few things he’ll truncate or maybe he’ll change a phrase up, add a half verse or a full verse from what I originally wrote. The songs definitely go through an element where we pound them into shape.” ~ Paul Wikarski 


We’ve Performed With

Tommy Makem, Gaelic Storm, Derek Warfield, Seven Nations, The High Kings, The Prodigals, and many more.


Festival Fun

Audiences have loved us at: Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival; Iowa Irish Festival; Michigan Irish Music Festival; Milwaukee Irish Festival; Dayton Celtic Festival; Syracuse Irish Festival & Trad Fest; Motor City Irish Fest; Saline Celtic Festival; Cincinnati Celtic Festival; Chicago Gaelic Park Irish Fest; Indy Irish Fest; Detroit Highland Games; Chicago Scottish Festival & Highland Games; Alma Highland Festival; and many more!


There’s an element of spontaneity at festivals—we really engage the crowd. It’s really fun that we don’t ever play the same stuff twice when we do the gigs. People love it and we love it.” ~ Derek Wikarski


Brief History

• 2002: Detroit natives Derek and Paul Wikarski launch Bruno’s Boys

• 2004: First album, “Rebel Sons”

• 2004: First Irish Festival: Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival, 2004— internationally celebrated Irish folk musician Tommy Makem of the “Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem” was so impressed, he invited our band to lunch

• 2006: Name change to The Kreellers; added a third member on percussion; members have changed over the years

• 2013—The Kreellers disband

• 2013—Brother Crowe reformed as a duo

• 2022—Bob Gilbert and Steve Vilnius from The Kreellers join

2024--Steve Lesko joins on fiddle



• 2004: “Rebel Sons”

• 2008: “Sixth and Porter”—over 3 million plays on Spotify; and The Kreellers have over 40k followers on Spotify

• 2010: “Saints and Sinners”

• 2013: This Changes Everything”

• 2018: “Last Call”

• 2019: “A Murder of Crow(e)s”



Sample tracks

Press quotes

"They bring fun and energy to modern folk music"
C &G Newspapers - Detroit, MI

"Here’s great recipe from a band out of Detroit: Take equal parts Celtic rock, Country Bluegrass, , add a ballad or two, mix in a few traditionals and whatever else is left over, toss it in a bowl, stir vigorously and what you get is a really tasty upbeat rollickin’ mix of good ‘ol powerhouse Irish stew one can really sink their teeth into. No seasoning needed.  These blokes are fantastic."
67 Music

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